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Meet The Team

Passionate flower growers dedicated to making the world a brighter place one flower petal at a time.

the leading lily


Makena is the dreamer of the farm, always exploring new possibilities. She approaches every challenge with the same  calm, measured demeanor. She's always thinking of ways to display flowers, capturing just the right photo, or writing little journals. She’ll be exploring her natural creativity at Virginia Tech in the Landscape Architecture program. Makena has a deep love for plants and everything nature, and enjoys the calmness of farming and working with flowers. Despite sweltering summer days. Despite bugs. Sunburn. Weeds. Despite all the hard work, a farm is home, and there is no place Makena would rather be. 


Tractors, cogs, bolts and wheels. Mike is quite literally the machine that works our farm. His mechanical mind -- developed from 25+ years working as an Architectural Engineer -- ensures that the farm is always running at max efficiency. Not only that, but Mike designed the flower fields at Stonehedge: effectively minimizing weeds (and saving our backs!) while also maximizing space and establishing a stylish look. 


the strategic snapdragon


the supporting sunflower

The farm’s ‘Jack of all Trades.’ Kristin is very knowledgeable about everything we do at Stonehedge Flower Farm: marketing, social media, planting, flower design. . . you name it!. She will always be there in a heartbeat to help, no matter the task.



the bachelor button



the sweet pea

What kind of flower are you?

Take this simple quiz to find out what flower you are. Are you your favorite flower, or will you maybe find a new favorite. . .

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